Entrance to the Bank of Scotland (now HBOS), Edinburgh

Entrance to the Bank of Scotland (now HBOS)

Greatly altered by David Bryce, 1803-1876


Bank Street, the Mound, Edinburgh

Variously described as "Roman-Baroque" (Gifford et al. 219) and "Franco-Italian" (Glendinning and MacKenechie 162), this building stands on the northern edge of Edinburgh's old town, overlooking Princes Street and greatly contributing to the cityscape there. It acquired its dramatic profile when David Bryce partially encased the older building by Read & Crichton.

Other Views

  • View from Princes Street
  • Close-up of dome
  • Buildings overlooking Princes Street Gardens, with the bank on the far right.
  • Photograph, caption, and commentary by Jacqueline Banerjee, 2009/10.

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