Tyntesfield — cylindrical corner tower room (near Wraxall, North Somerset). Designed by John Norton (after 1863), Arthur William Blomfield (1870s), Henry Woodyer (1880s).

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"William Gibbs purchased Tyntes Place, the original Regency-Gothic house that stood on the site, in 1843. In 1863 he began the full-blown rebuilding to create the Gothic Revival extravaganza that now stands. It cost 70,000 to build. Notable elements of the house include glass by Powell and Wooldridge, mosaics by Salviati, and ironwork by Hart, Son, Peard and Co. The original architect was John Norton. In the 1880s further alterations were made by architect Henry Woodyer. The chapel was designed by Arthur William Blomfield in the 1870s. William was married to Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey. They had seven children and eighteen grandchildren. The family was religious, and William and his wife were supporters of the Oxford Movement. " — Wikipedia

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