First Assembling of the First Reformed Parliament, 1833

First Assembling of the First Reformed Parliament, 1833. 1843. Illustrated London News. Scanned image and text by Philip V. Allingham 2006.

"The picture represents the first assembling of the first reformed Parliament after the passing of the Reform Act [1832: The Great Reform Bill proposed by the Whigs as part of Lord John Russell's democratic reforms to extend the franchise and eliminate rotten and pocket boroughs], in the year 1833, at the moment of moving the address to the Crown." The plate appeares to be a reproduction of Hayter's large-scale painting on exhibit at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, the work itself the result of much research into where various people were standing and what the gallery looked like ten years earlier. The picture, the ILN tells us, contains over 400 individual portraits, the originals of which in some cases assisted Hayter with his research and encouraged him in the mammoth undertaking.


"Sir George Hayter's Great Picture." Illustrated London News (4 February 1843): 373-74.

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