The Falcon

The Falcon

Rebuilt 1880

Clapham Junction, London SW1

An inn of the same name existed here, on the corner of what was once "a country cross-roads," long before the busy railway junction was constructed nearby (Weinreb and Hibbert 183). The inn was rebuilt in 1880 as a hotel with a curving frontage in a rather heavy Italianate style, and with art deco fittings ("Clapham Junction" 3). It still serves as a landmark. Visible at left is a framed print of the abolitionists who were members of the Clapham Sect; they very likely met in the earlier tavern on this spot.

Other Views

  • Exterior
  • Interior, another view
  • Close-up of the picture of the Abolitionists
  • Photograph and text Jacqueline Banerjee