Designer: William Burges, 1827-1881

Manufacturer: Barkentin & Krall


Dark green glass bottle mounted in silver, parcel-gilt

10.8 inches (26 cm.)

6 inches (15.3); diameter: 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm.)

Prov William Burges

Josiah Mendelson: the hoop over the finial of the cover by George Angell Silversmiths. Inscribed round the neck: WILLIELMUS BVRGES ME FIERI FECIT ANNO DI MDCCCLXV (indistinct) . . . VEX NON SAECULAE.

Marks: London hallmark for 1865 on base, handle, spout and hoop. Maker's mark of JM everywhere except on the hoop, which bears the mark of George Angell.