[Based on Adrian J. Tilbrook and Gordon House, The Designs of Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co. London: Ornament Press, 1976.]

1864 Born 2 April at Cronkbourne (Tromode) Isle of Man; 9 April christened Archibald Knox.
1873-1878 Educated at St Barnabas Elementary School and Grammar School, Douglas, Isle of Man.
1878-1883 Pupil Teacher at St Barnabas Elementary School.
1878 -1883Studying at Douglas School of Art
18871st Class examination result in 'Principles of Ornament'. Passes examination in 'Design'.
1884-1888Teaching Art at Douglas School of Art.
188921 December: Gains Art Master's Certificate. Group I
1892Medallist in Historic Ornament (Design). Knox specialised in Celtic ornament.
1893September: Publishes "Ancient Crosses in the Isle of Man" in The Builder
1892- 1896 Probably working part-time for M. H. Baillie Scott, Architect/Designer, Atholl Street, Isle of Man.
1896Publishes "Isle of Man as a Sketching Ground" in The Studio
1897 Leaves Isle of Man for London teaching post (at Redhill).
1897-1898 Liberty's begins own line of silver, jewellery and plate; and possibly even experimental pewter production. Knox probably contacted the firm via Scott, who designed fabrics for Liberty & Co. as early as 1893.
1899Liberty & Co. take part in the 1899 Arts & Crafts exhibition.
1900 Knox moves to Fulham and teaches for Surrey County Council.
1901September: article in Queen magazine illustrating Knox Chalice; December: moves to cottage at Sulby, Isle of Man .
1902Presumed introduction of Liberty's Tudric line. Knox submitted designs on a piece-work basis. His involvement with the whole Liberty Celtic revival, however, must have been much greater.
1903Liberty & Co. take part in the 1903 Arts & Crafts Exhibition. Four items designed by Knox. Second article in Queen illustrates two items of pewter and mentions the trade name Tudric.
1904-1906Knox submits many designs to Liberty's, ranging from ideas for silver, pewter, carpets pottery, jewellery, textiles and possibly furniture. Still teaching at Kingston School of Art.
1906-1907Teaching evenings at Wimbledon Art School
1909Knox leaves Isle of Man and recommences teaching at Kingston.
1912August 1912: After Examiners complain to Knox about the style and outcome of his teaching at South Kensington, he resigns and returns to Isle of Man.
1912 Knox leaves England for Philadelphia.
1912 Founding of the 'Knox Guild of Craft & Design'.
1913 Knox does carpet designs for Bromley & Co, a Philadelphia firm, and teaches at Pennsylvania School of Industrial Arts but cannot get satisfactory position. After unsuccessfully trying his chance in New York, he returns to the Isle of Man and commences teaching.
1914-1918 Knox spends the four war years working as a censor in the Aliens' Detention Camp at Knockaloe, near Peel, Isle of Man.
1920???? Design memorial erected in memory of Arthur Lasenby Liberty (The Lee Church, Bucks.).
1920 1 February: Knox begins to teach art at Douglas High School, Isle of Man .
1924 Knox visits Italy to study frescoes, Spending summer in Ravenna.
1926 One-man exhibition of paintings in the National Gallery of Ottawa, Canada.
1927 31 August: Leaves Douglas High School. Begins teaching Art part-time at Douglas High School for Girls.
193322 February: Dies of heart failure aged 69.

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