Germanic women accompanying their husbands to war by Gustave Doré (1832-83 from X. B. Santine's La Mythologie du Rhin (1862), 62. The following words are part of Santine's recreation of a Druid wedding ceremony: “S'il témoigne du désir de t'emmener à la guerre, tu l'y suivras, pour porter ses bagages, entretenir ses armes en bon état et veiller sur lui en cas de blessures ou de maladie.” [62] — “If he wants you to accompany him to battle, you will follow him there, carry his luggage, maintain his weapons in good condition, and watch over him in case of injury or illness”

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Santine, X. B. La Mythologie du Rhin. Paris: L. Hachette, 1862. Internet Archive version of a copy in the library of the University of Oxford. Web. 22 February 2014.

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