They were . . .both looking remarkably sheepish and confused

Mary Ellen Edwards (1838–1934)


Wood engraving

Illustration for William Gilbert's Ruth Thornbury

Good Words ([1 August?] 1866): facing 790.

Passage illustrated: “Ruth now took every opportunity of allowing Walter and Fanny to meet, that they might become better acquainted with each other, though at the same time little success seemed to attend her manoeuvre. At last one day, on abruptly entering the drawing-room, she found her nephew and Fanny in it. That they had been conversing together, there could be but little doubt, although they were seated on the sofa at the greatest distance from each other both looking remarkably sheepish and confused. Ruth had tact enough to perceive that the separation had been caused by her sudden entrance, and that before it they had been sitting in close proximity to each other.” (791)