Oliver's Flight to London

Harry Furniss


14.0 x 9.5 cm vignetted

Sixth illustration for The Adventures of Oliver Twist in Oliver Twist and A Child's History of England, Charles Dickens Library Edition (1910), vol. 3, facing p. 48.

Dickens's description of Oliver's stopping by Mrs. Mann's baby-farm to bid little Dick, his only friend, a fond and reluctant farewell (Chapter 7, "Oliver Continues Refractory") is the subject of Sol Eytinge, Junior's only illustration of the protagonist in the Diamond Edition, Oliver and Little Dick (1867); there is no comparable illustration in the instalments of the novel as originally published in Bentley's Miscellany. However, alluding to Oliver's departure for London in Chapter 8, James Mahoney has provided a title-page vignette for the 1871 Household Edition, showing Oliver after the tearful scene with little Dick, Oliver at the Milestone, which dramatizes the boy's confusion as to what he should do. [Click on illustration to enlarge it.]