Pip and Miss Havisham

Pip and Miss Havisham by Charles Green. 1898. 5 x 8 inches. Dickens's Great Expectations, Gadshill Edition, in which the plates have neither captions nor page numbers, being inserted into the text; the editor, Andrew Lang, has provided, however, a separate "List of Illustrations" for ten plates, including the Frontispiece. Scanned image and text by Philip V. Allingham. [This image is reproduced courtesy of The Charles Dickens Museum, 48 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LF.]

The Annotated Dickens provides the following caption, which is not in the original Gadshill Edition:

Miss Havisham laid a hand upon my shoulder. In her other hand she had a crutch-headed stick on which she leaned, and she looked like the Witch of the place.

"This," said she pointing to the long table with her stick, "is where I shall be laid when I am dead. They shall come and look at me here." [Chapter 11]


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Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations. Gadshill Edition. London: Chapman and Hall, 1897-1908.

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