[Thackeray created the illuminated “T” for Vanity Fair.]

Thackeray's decorated initial T

he Imaginative Book Illustration Society (IBIS) is a London-based interest group that was set up to promote understanding of illustration and book-art as a whole. Its members include scholars, librarians, collectors, undergraduates, postgraduates, and anyone with an interest in the subject. The Society organizes exhibitions, visits, conferences and lectures, and publishes two periodicals: Studies in Illustration and The IBIS Journal. Both are refereed publications and are archived in university and national libraries. Studies contains informal discussions and notices as well.

The Society and its publications are a rich source of information for scholars of the Victorian period. Further information is given in the IBIS web site: www.bookillustration.org/, which includes a list of image galleries.

Last modified 3 January 2014