For Dombey and Son, his seventh novel, Charles Dickens once again enlisted Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) as his illustrator. Serialised in twenty parts (nineteen monthly instalments, the last being a "double number") from October 1846 through April 1848, published by Bradbury and Evans, differed from Dickens's previous novels in its careful planning and symmetrical composition of instalments: typically, an instalment contained three uniform chapters, the exceptions being no. 2 (September 1847: ch. 35-38) and no. 20 (April 1848: ch. 58-62). although he does not reproduce the wrapper in Chapter 16 of The Dickens Picture-Book (1910), on p. 294 J. A. Hammerton gives the frontispiece (also provided by Michael Steig in Dickens and Phiz), thirty-seven of the thirty-eight plates issued two each for every monthly part, and five so-called "character plates" from Phiz's correspondence: Little Paul, Florence, Alice, and Edith. Paul Schicke in The Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens (1999) notes that Browne also supplied "the wrapper design, frontispiece, and vignette title-page" (85), for a grand total of forty-six illustrations.

The source of the following illustrations, a number of them colourized, is the so-called "London Edition" published by the Caxton Publishing Company, 84-86 Chancery Lane, W. C., but in scale they are identical to the plates in the original monthly numbers. This volume does not contain all of the original thirty-nine plates, but does provide a number of Phiz's originals in colour.

The 39 Plates

Other Material, including front matter and sketches


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