The text of the windows is the Te Deum Laudamus found on pp.52-53 of the Book of Common Prayer. (This key is based on the description in Cameron ALLEN “The History of the American Episcopal Church of Paris, from its origins until 1918”. 3 vol.unpublished, 509pp). Designed by Mr Beckham of Bell and Beckham of London, the windows were installed 1883-93. N.B In this document, the terms “West”, “South” etc. refer to the liturgical orientation. Thus when facing the Altar, “West” is behind, “East” is ahead; “North” to the left, and “South” to the right.

Central West Window: “We Praise Thee, O God”, “We acknowledge Thee to be the Lord”. Our Lord; human figures representing the 4 corners of the earth. “All the earth doth worship Thee, the Father everlasting”. “To Thee all Angels cry aloud; the Heavens, and all the Powers therein”. 4 elements; the Zodiac.

West end of North aisle: “To thee Cherubim and Seraphim continually do cry”. 9 choirs of angelic beings in 3 orders: “Holy,Holy,Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth” top row of Cherubim and Serphim.

North: 1st single-light and next double-light windows: “Heaven and earth are full of the majesty of Thy glory”. (also 5th verse of the Venite “The sea is His and He made it and His hand prepared the dry land”).

2nd double light windows: “The glorious company of the Apostles praise thee”. Sts James & Peter on the left; John and Andrew on the right.

3rd double light windows: “The goodly fellowship of the Prophets praise Thee”. Left: Daniel, Isaiah; right: St.John the Baptist “Ecce Agnus Dei”.

4th double light windows: “The noble army of Martyrs praise Thee”. Left: St.Stephen; right: St.Alban the Martyr; Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

East end of North aisle: “The Holy Church throughout all the world doth acknowledge thee”. Above: 9 “Doctors of the Eastern Church”; foreground 7 “Doctors of the Western Church”, inc St.Thomas Aquinas.

North side of Chancel: 2 short windows: “The Father of an infinite Majesty” (the “Ancient of Days”); “Thine adorable, true and only Son” (Transfiguration) “This is my beloved Son” (in ror del).

North side of Chancel: Long window “Also the Holy Ghost, the Comforter” (Pentecost; Acts 2:1-4); (Baptism of Christ; Luke 3:22): Maundy Thursday; (John 16:1); (Easter appearance: John 20:22); (Scriptures: 2 Peter 1:21).

Triple lancet East window: “Thou art the King of Glory, O Christ”. Christ in Majesty, 24 elders (Revelations 4:4) “Holy,Holy,Holy”.

South side of Chancel: 2 trefoils: “Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father”. Christ crucified; 3 angels.

Behind organ console: “When Thou tookest upon Thee to deliver man, Thou didst humble Thyself to be born of a Virgin”. Incarnation.

1st South aisle window: “When Thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death, Thou didst open the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers”. Resurrection. “He is not here for he is risen” (Mathew 28:6).

2nd South aisle window: “Thou sittest at the right hand of God, in the glory of the Father”. Ascension. “(He) shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11).

3rd and 4th South aisle windows: “We believe that Thou shalt come to be our Judge”. Christ as Judge, “Come ye blessed of my Father”; “Depart from Me, ye cursed”.

5th South aisle window: “We therefore pray Thee, help Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious blood”. Crucifixion. “They pierced my hands and my feet”; “They parted my garments among them”.

Last South window: “Make them to be numbered with Thy saints in glory everlasting”. “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Window over Southwest door: “O Lord, save Thy people and bless Thine heritage”. 12 tribes of Israel (Genesis 49:3-27; Deuteronomy,33:17; Genesis 50:23). “Hurt not the earth neither the seas nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads”. From: Suffrages B.p 55 of The Book of Common prayer.

North clerestory: 6 double lights; “Govern them, and lift them up forever”. 4th. Visitation; 5th Holy Innocents & Epiphany.

South clerestory: “Day by day we magnify Thee”; “And we worship Thy Name ever, world without end”; “Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day without sin”; “O Lord, have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us” (avenging and protecting angels); “O Lord, let Thy mercy be upon us, as our trust is in Thee”. “O Lord, in Thee have I trusted: let me never be confounded”.

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