decorative initial 'T'he following text of Bulwer-Lytton's novel derives from that on the Project Gutenberg website, which John T. Horner and David Widger scanned and proof-read. To their text I have added the 1834 and 1850 prefaces that they omitted, and after dividing their text into individual chapters, I converted it to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), attempting to follow as closely as possible a page design created by Glen Burris of the Johns Hopkins University Press for my Hypertext (1991), Hypertext 2.0 1997), and Hypertext 3.0 (2007). My html follows the Gutenberg text of Horner and Widger closely, differing chiefly in the formatting of poetry, first lines of chapters, and those following quotations. I have also added decorative initial letters based on nineteenth-century typography (such as the one which appears at the left) and photographs from an undated late-nineteenth- or early twentieth-century edition published by Thomas Y. Crowell in New York, some of which appear as thumbnails in relevant chapters.

If you encounter any typographical errors or problems of formatting, please let me know [February 2005].

Last modified 4 March 2016