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Caine, Barbara. [Review of] The Theological and Ethical Writings of Frances Power Cobbe, 1822-1904. Victorian Studies 45.4 (Summer 2003): 748-749.

“This. . . is the first sustained and detailed discussion of her theological and ethical writings. . . . Peacock includes revealing discussions of her disagreements and correspondence with Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, J. S. Mill, and Herbert Spencer and suggests that Cobbe was the primary target of John Ruskin's well-known fulmination against women who meddle with theology in his Sesame and Lilies (1865). What Peacock offers is not so much an analysis of Cobbe's theological and ethical writings as an account of how they developed and changed across the course of her life. This seems by far the best approach to Cobbe.” — Project Muse.

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