This document origianlly was an appendix to the author's "The Names of Dickens's American Originals in Martin Chuzzlewit," which first appeared in The Dickens Quarterly 7, 3 (September 1990): 329-37. It has been re-publioshed in The Victorian Web by permission of The Dickens Society, which holds the copyright.

Martin encounters thirty-odd characters who between them have twenty-five names, since included in the number are married couples such as the Pawkinses and Bricks and a family of six (the Norrises). On board the "Esau Slodge" Martin may only hear of and not actually meet Chiggle; similarly, he receives a letter from but never actually meets Putnam Smif. A thirty-third character is the eponym for the riverboat.

Chapter 16 (No. 7; July 1843)

Colonel Diver

Jefferson Brick and the literary Mrs. Brick

Major Pawkins and Mrs. Pawkins

Professor Mullit or 'Suturb' (Brutus Reversed)

Mr. Bevan (seen also in Ch. 17, 21, 34)

Chapter 17

Cicero, a Negro slave

Mr. Norris and his family: Mrs. Norris, Junior, two daughters, and grandmother

General Fladdock

Chapter 21 (No. 9; September 1843)

La Fayette Kettle

General Cyrus Choke, United States Militia

Watertoast Association of United Sympathisers &


Eden Land Corporation

Zephaniah Scadder

Chapter 22

Putnam Smif (introduced by letter only)

Captain Kedgick (also in Ch. 34)

Mrs. Hominy (also in Ch. 34)

Chapter 23

New Thermopylae

Chapter 33

Hannibal Chollop, an aristocrat of Nature [336/337]

Chapter 34

The Honourable Elijah Pogram, Congressman

Chiggle, his "soul-subduing" sculptor

"six gentlemen boarders and a very shrill boy": Dr. Ginery Dunkle of Troy; the unremarkable Mr. Jodd. Mr. Izzard, and Oscar Buffum; Julius Washington Merryweather Bib; Colonel Groper; Professor Piper

Miss Toppit

Miss Codger,

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