Of Hardy's fourteen novels of character and environment, only the first two — Desperate Remedies (1871) and Under The Greenwood Tree (1872) — were first published in volume form. For the most part, Hardy first brought out his novels in monthly instalments in British literary magazines; only three were published in weekly numbers, and only two-- Two on a Tower (1882) and The Woodlanders (1886-7) — were published without illustration since the magazines in which those novels appeared ( Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's) were not illustrated. A complete listing of serial instalments and their relationship to chapters in the volume publications are given by J. Don Vann in Victorian Novels in Serial (New York: MLA, 1985), pages 82-91. In the following listing, "numbers" refers to monthly and "parts" to weekly instalments.

1. A Pair of Blue Eyes, Tinsley's Magazine, September 1872-July, 1873 (11 numbers). Illustrated by J. A. Pasquier.

2. Far From The Madding Crowd , the Cornhill Magazine , January-December, 1874 (12 numbers).Illustrated by Helen Paterson Allingham.

3. The Hand of Ethelberta , the Cornhill Magazine, July, 1875-May, 1876 (11 numbers). Illustrated by George Du Maurier.

4. The Return of the Native, Belgravia, January-December, 1878 (12 numbers). Illustrated by Arthur Hopkins.

5. The Trumpet Major, Good Words January-December, 1880 (12 numbers). Illustrated by John Collier.

6. A Laodicean, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, December, 1880-December, 1881 (13 numbers). Illustrated by George Du Maurier.

7. Two on a Tower, Atlantic Monthly, May-December, 1882 (8 numbers). (not illustrated)

8. The Mayor of Casterbridge , the London Graphic , 2 January-15 May, 1886 (20 parts).Illustrated by Robert Barnes.

9. The Woodlanders , Macmillan's Magazine , May 1886-April 1887 (12 numbers). (not illustrated)

10. Tess of the D'Urbervilles , the London Graphic 4 July-26 December, 1891(24 parts). Illustrated by H. Herkomer, D. A. Wehrschmidt, J. Syddall, and E. Borough Johnson.

11. The Pursuit of the Well-Belovéd , the Illustrated London News , 1 October-17 December, 1892 (12 parts).

12. Jude the Obscure , Harper's New Monthly Magazine , December 1894-November, 1895 (12 numbers).

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