Patrick Regan has kindly shared the material from his George Heath site with readers of the Victorian Web, who may wish to consult the original.

When the tempests rage and roar,
When the torrents beat and pour,
When the dearest dreams are crossed,
When my soul is plagued and tossed,
                  Son of God, remember me.

When my day is full of light,
When the stars of hope are bright,
When my cup brims clear and high,
Smooth my path, and clear my sky,
                  Son of God, remember me.

If my giddy feet would stray,
Chasing shadows that betray;
Should my heart and will perverse
Covet dross that brings a curse,
                  Son of God, remember me.

In temptation's struggle-hour,
When the flesh hath double power,
When the better nature sinks,
When resolve grows weak and shrinks,
                  Son of God, remember me.

Wheresoe'er my pathway leads,
Whatsoe'er my nature needs,
Whensoe'er my courage fails,
Howsoe'er the fiend assails,
                  Son of God, remember me.

When my day around me sets,
When the midnight glooms and frets,
When the sighing river foams,
When the death-cold shadow comes,
                  Son of God, remember me.

Through the hour of densest night,
Through the whelm of Nature's blight,
Through the gloom and agony,
Thou Who sufferedst on the tree,
                  Son of God, remember me.

Glad in sorrow's sweet surcease,
Wrapt in balms of changeless peace,
Borne on wings of ecstasy,
O'er the calm eternally,
                  Bring me, Son of God, to Thee!

Last modified 4 September 2002