Patrick Regan has kindly shared the material from his George Heath site with readers of the Victorian Web, who may wish to consult the original.

List to the bells! O list!
      Out on the upland there;
Peals through the mirk and mist,
      Swing down the midnight air
Awfully, solemnly!
List what they say to thee.

"Kneel by the dying year —
      Wipe his lips, hold his hands —
Wearily lying here,
      Out on the waves and sands;
Muse on the scath and crime
Wrought in his vanished time.

"Think of the destitute,
      Hungering, shivering;
Plead for the dissolute,
      Cursing and quivering;
Pray for the trouble-tossed.;
Pray for the anguish-crossed;

"Feel for the desolate;
      Pity the castaway;
Pray for the desperate,
      Sullied, and tossed astray,
Tempted, tried, passion-strung —
Mourn o'er the sin and wrong!

"Soothe to peace murder-mad
      Restless insanity;
Close up the wounds of sad,
      Bleeding humanity;
Give to all charity;
Human are all of ye.

"Widely o'er land and sea
      Scatter ye knowledge-light;
Girt with Philanthropy
      Wrestle with mental night;
Lift up the Truth divine,
Lift — and the dark shall shine!

"Sigh o'er the premature
      Fading of faces, gone;
Weep for the good and pure
      From your embraces gone;
Tender ties broken, aye;
Bitter words spoken, aye.

"Weep o'er the moments fled,
      Bearing a record on,
O'er opportunities dead,
      And no more duty done;
Plead for your frailties all:
Let the dread curtain fall!

"Rouse from your somnolence!
      Cometh another year;
Shake off your indolence!
      Arm ye in hope and fear;
Look to the fore and fight,
Bury your dead from sight!"

Last modified 4 September 2002