1828 George Meredith born on February 12.
1833 Mother (Jane Macnamara Meredith) dies.
1838 Father (Augustus Meredith) declares bankruptcy and moves to London, leaving George in the care of relatives.
1842 Meredith enters the Morovian school at Neuwied (attends less than two years).
1846 Meredith becomes articled clerk with R.S. Charnock, a solicitor.
1849 Meredith marries Mary Ellen Nicolls (née Peacock) on August 9.
1851 Poems
1853 Arthur Gryffydh Meredith, first son, born.
1855 The Shaving of Shagpat
1857 Farina: A Legend of Cologne
1858 Mary Ellen Meredith elopes with Henry Wallis.
1859 The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
1860 Evan Harrington appears in Once a Week. (Book published the following year.)
1860 Meredith begins work as literary adviser and reader of manuscripts for Chapman and Hall.
1861 Death of Mary Ellen Meredith in October.

Modern Love and Poems of the English Roadside

1864 Emilia in England (published as Sandra Belloni in 1886)
1864 Meredith marries Marie Vulliamy, September 20.
1865 William Maxse Meredith, second son, born.
1866 Vittoria appears in Fortnightly Review. (Book published at the end of the year.)
1866 Meredith goes to Italy as a war correspondent (June-July).
1868 Meredith family moves to Flint Cottage (Box Hill).
1870 The Adventures of Harry Richmond appears in The Cornhill.
1871 Harry Richmond published in book form, goes into second edition.
1874 Marie (Mariette) Meredith, only daughter, born.
1874 Beauchamp's Career appears in Fortnightly Review (published in book form, 1876).
1877 Meredith gives talk "On the Idea of Comedy and the Uses of the Comic Spirit" (February 1) at the London Institute. Published in The New Quarterly Magazine (April). Retitled An Essay on Comedy, published in book form in 1897.
1879 The Egoist (Also appears serially as Sir Willoughby Patterne: The Egoist in The Glasgow Herald.)
1880 The Tragic Comedians
1883 Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth
1884 Diana of the Crossways appears in The Fortnightly.
1885 Published in book form, Diana of the Crossways is a huge success; it goes into three editions within one year.
1886 Meredith's wife Marie dies of cancer, September 18.
1886 Chapman and Hall publish an eight volume uniform edition of Meredith's previous works.
1887 Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life
1888 A Reading of Earth
1890 Son Arthur dies of consumption, September 3.
1891 One of Our Conquerors appears in The Fortnightly, The Australasian and The New York Sun.
1892 Meredith is elected president of the Society of Authors.
1892 The Empty Purse (poems)
1892 Son William marries Daisy Elliot.
1893 Lord Ormont and His Aminta appears in Pall Mall Magazine.
1894 Meredith resigns from job as reader for Chapman and Hall.
1894 Daughter Marie (Mariette) marries Henry Parkman Sturgis.
1895 The Amazing Marriage appears in Scribner's Magazine.
1896 Complete revised edition of Meredith's works begins to be published (2 volumes at a time for 16 months).
1898 Odes in Contribution to the Song of French History appebar in Cosmopolis.
1901 A Reading of Life, with Other Poems
1905 George Meredith receives the Order of Merit.
1909 George Meredith dies May 18.

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