David Rands has kindly shared with readers of the Victorian Web his site about the life and works of W. B. Rands, the prolific writer of children's literature and originator of The Boy's Own Paper. Readers may wish to consult this site for more information about this little-known figure who had an immense influence upon Victorian children. [GPL]

There was a man so very tall,
That when you spoke you had to bawl
Through both your hands, put like a cup,
His head was such a long way up!

But there was something even sadder, -
His wife she had to go up a ladder
Whenever she desired a kiss —
And he, alas, was proud of this!

Said he, "I am the tallest man
That ever grew since time began,"
As down on a house-top he sat;
Well, he was tall; but what of that?

This monstrous man, as we shall see,
Was punished for his vanity:
He grew and grew — the people placed
A telescope to see his waist!

He grew and grew — you could not see
Without a telescope his knee;
He grew till he was over-grown,
And seen by over-sight alone!

Last modified 21 August 2005