Critics on Domestic Idyls

James R. Kincaid, Aerol Arnold Professor of English, University of Southern California

Note 8 to the Appendix of the author's Tennyson's Major Poems, which Yale University Press published in 1975. It has been included in the Victorian Web with the kind permission of the author, who of course retains copyright.

It is not customary for critics to do much more than sneer at those poems. Of those who attempt more, Jerome H. Buckley has some sympathetic, if very brief, analyses; Philip Drew, in " 'Aylmer's Field,"' suggests an approach to the poems through a consideration of "pace, and scale"; and T. J. Assad has some acute comments on the idyls that appear in the Enoch Arden volume. A general discussion of Tennyson's domestic vision is found in William E. Freedman.

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Last modified: 28 March 2001