Treatments of the Idyls in Terms of Fault and Blame

James R. Kincaid, Aerol Arnold Professor of English, University of Southern California

Note 10 to chapter 8 of the author's Tennyson's Major Poems, which Yale University Press published in 1975. It has been included in the Victorian Web with the kind permission of the author, who of course retains copyright.

I do not mean to imply, of course, that it is consistently misread. F. L. L. Priestley's analysis, "Tennyson's Idylls," is particularly admirable for its ability to state tactfully and precisely the various balanced opposites that hold Camelot together. His argument is the basis for much recent criticism of the Idylls, most of which, in fact, departs further from his general position than I do.

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Last modified: 28 March 2001