Instructor: Professor Landow (office: 338 Carr House; e-mail:; office hours: 1-2:00, Wednesday. Class meets 3.00-5:20 AM, Mondays in room 218, 70 Brown Street. Classweb: Victorian Web

E-Resources and weekly writing assignmemts

Week 1 (27-29 January) — Introduction to the Course: Victorians and Neo-Victorians

Week 2 (1-5 February) — The Madwomen in the Attic, the Maniac in the Cellar

Reading: Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre [SitemapFull text in VW — Discussion questions by undergraduates) ]

Week 3 (8-12 February) A Gendered Postcolonial Response

Reading: Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea [sitemap]

Week 4 (15-19 February) Information Technology as Fantasy

Reading:Jasper Fforde, The Eyre Affair

Week 5 (24 through 28 February) Very great expectations.

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations [Full text (outside this site) — sitemap]

Week 6 (1-5 March) — Postcolonial Neo-Victorianism, or the Aussies write back

Reading Peter Carey, Jack Maggs [sitemap]

Week 7 (8-12 March) Postimperial Neo-Victorianism, or what's what wrong with empires

Reading: Graham Swift, Waterland [sitemap]

Week 8 (15-19 March) — A Victorian Novel Poem as a Kunstlerroman

Reading: Elizebth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh. [sitemap]

Week 9 (22 -28 April). The Joys of Scholarship.

Reading: A. S. Byatt, Possession [sitemap]

[Spring recess 27 March-4 April]

Week 10 (5-9 April) — The Victorian Sensation Novel

Reading: Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White [sitemap]

Week 11 (12-23 April) — The Gendered Neo-Victorian Sensation Novel

Reading: Sarah Waters, Fingersmith

Week 12 (26-30 April). — Nineteenth-century Monsters

Reading: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

Week 13 (27 April-1 May). Twentieth-century Monsters

Reading: Shelley Jackson, Patchwork Girl [[sitemap] and My Body. Landow, Hypertext 3.0, pp. 1-9, 29-40, 144-48, 215-241.

Weekly discussion questions

These reading and discussion question have several required parts:

These exercises, which provide the basis of class discussion, should generally be e-mailed to me no later than 6 pm Sunday before we begin discussing the reading.

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