Menolly and the fire lizards

Menolly and the fire lizards

Sameed Khatana '07 English 65, Fantasy, Brown University, 2004

The novel Dragonsong by Anne, McCaffrey focuses on the life of a young girl named Menolly on the fantastical world of Pern. After her great talents lead to her being ostracized and isolated, she finds refuge with the magical creatures called fire lizards. The last two paragraphs of chapter five show the beginning of Menolly's rebellion against the Sea Hold. After a lifetime of ridicule, she begins to realize that she has something that no one else does: "All the lads in the Sea Hold talking about catching fire lizards and she, Menolly, had not only seen but talked to them and handled their eggs" (67). She becomes preoccupied with the safety of the fire lizards and their young. She has become almost as attached to the little creatures as dragon-riders are to their dragons. Her preoccupation also hints at the great attachment she will have later with them. Her earlier suggestions of comparisons between dragons and fire lizards to old Petiron return when she thinks of the hatching: "And if she were lucky, she might even see them hatching, too. Why, that would be as marvelous as going to a dragon Hatching at one of the Weyrs". This allows her to even think of herself above her seemingly oppressive father: "And no one, not even Yanus, had been to a Hatching!" These paragraphs begin Menolly's journey to find her own voice and her own place.


1. What comparison exists between Menolly's music and the fire lizards?

2. Does Menolly herself feel inferior to the boys in the Hold?

3. Why would a comparison between the fire lizards and the dragons seem out of place?

4. Is there a connection between Menolly's desire to be accepted by the fire lizard queen and by her parents?

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