Menolly's Rescue and Arrival At Benden Weyr

Menolly's Rescue and Arrival At Benden Weyr

Gregory Souza '07 English 65, Fantasy, Brown University, 2004

In Dragonsong, the main character Menolly is caring for nine baby fire lizards she found and helped to rescue. While exploring her surroundings one day and searching for food, she is caught in a dangerous Threadfall. The first part of this passage describes her rescue by a dragonrider who is combating the Thread. The dragonrider brings her through a nothing-space called between to the Benden Weyr, where she is immediately cared for.

"Branth says you're hurt?" The man slid down quickly beside her.

"My feet! She'd run the boots to uppers without knowing it, and her lacerated feet were bloody from toe to heel.

"I'll tell the world. Here we go!" [122] ...

She was upright into a chair, the blood singing in her ears. Someone was propping her damaged feet onto a stool while women converged on her from several sides.

"Hey, Manor Felena," yelled the brown rider urgently.

"Just look at his feet! He's run them raw!"

"T'gran, whenever..."

"Saw him trying to outrun Thread down Nerat way. Bloody near did!" [122]

1. What is fantastic about the first part of this passage?

2. How does McCaffrey make this fantastic passage realistic?

3. Is there any significance to Menolly being mistaken for a boy?

4. How do the initial reactions of people at Benden Weyr already suggest differences between the Weyr and Half-Circle Hold? Compare the Weyr's concern for her to the people's reaction in Half-Circle Hold to Menolly's cut hand (page 44-45).
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