This scene of a derelict factory complex combines two excellent Walthers kits, which I first spray painted and then heavily weathered with a combination of paint, chalk, and pasted-on signs and decals. On my layout it sat on a grass and gravel covered styrofoam base behind and slightly above above the Black Gold Asphalt plant and the gas station and diner. I originally planned to move a light that produced the effect of an arch welder from my roundhouse to work on the railings, which were to be placed on the ground and not on the model, since the gasometer is in the process of being demolished for scrap. The scene therefore should have a crowd of workmen, some on the ground, others on the top and sides of the gasometer, plus various trucks and a crane lowering part of the structure. If tracks extended all the way to the gasometer, cranes could be filling hopper cars with scrap.

Left: a view from the left of the plant’s tanks and piping. Right: a view showing the plant's faded sign near the roof and the posters and advertisements near ground level.

Left: The tank’s rickety tailings, some of which are lying on the ground waiting to be cut up.

Signs and posters on the side of the building.

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