The priest and wedding party at the cathedral seen from the building's right side. This Kibri church (number 398760 in the Walthers catalogue) has been painted and mounted on a 1-inch thick piece of scenicked styrofoam, which permitted creating the grand steps in front of the building, which on my layout was to be called the Cathedral of St. George & Ruth and was to front on Cathedral Square. The building is approximately 12 x 7 1/2 x 14 inches (without the steps) and sits upon an irregularly shaped churchyard and cemetery approximately 19 inches on each side, which in turn sits upon a 24 x 24 inch piece of 2-inch thick styrofoam.

Left: The priest, wedding, party, and guest on the Cathedral steps constructed from 1/16" styrene and airbrushed concrete. Right: The graveyard on the Cathedral's left side, which consists of Woodland Scenics products plus gravestones made from coffee stirrers and a scratch-built mausoleum.

A view of the building from the left and near the back.

Left: Three-quarter view from the right showing the brick retaining wall. Right: an elevated view of the front steps and west front.

The left side of the cathedral showing the cemetery and, at the right, first the wedding and farther away the bank across Cathedral Square.

Three more views, the one at right showing the building’s apse.

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