Road Switcher

This model of an a General Motors EMD SW-1500, an early 12-cylinder diesel -electric roadswitcher, has a very heavy bronze body and must date from the early days of scale model railroading. It has some beautiful detailing in the form of grab irons, uncouplers, and handrails. I painted it with AP&G colors sometime in the 1970s, but I had never been able to get it to run until 2005 when I noticed a loose wire. After I soldered it in place and oiled the sealed drive at either end, it ran beautifully. I then painted the roof of the cab and bottom steps black, added the AP&G logo to the front, and lightly weathered the top grills, cab roof, stacks, and trucks. Next I have to find a way to add modern working couplers and air-hoses to front and rear. It does lean a little bit to one side. [GPL].

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