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Passenger Cars on the AP&G: A Japanese Brass Model


This beautiful Japanese-made brass passenger car was purchased for the Albion, Pawtuxet, & Gallilee Railroad -- my mythical 1880s Rhode Island line inhabited by characters from the novels of Dickens and Trollope -- so the citizens of northern Rhode Island who lived near the textile mills of Albion could visit their families in Pawtuxet (a stand-in for Providence), or even travel as far away as voyage Galillee, a small fishing town in the south. For some reason, this beautifully detailed model with truss-rods, handrials, and fine surface texture never made it to the AP&G paint shops, and so it remains in its original condition, a bit tarnished after two decades, perhaps, but otherwise in perfect shape.

The manufacturer's and dimporter's label has disappeared, but the bottom and undercarriage of the model seems identical to a brass baggage car purchased at the same time, whose label reads "Handcrafted in Japan for Smart Products New York, N. Y." As of June 2005, this bit of rolling stock was sold to a railroad in Florida.

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