The Engine Yards at Albion

Like the station at Albion, the enginehouse follows fairly closely Jim Findley's plans for a one-stall engine terminal in Kalmbach Books' Building Bridges & Buildings for Model Railroads (1965), which, when I began the AP&G, was virtually my beginner's Bible. From it I built the red water-treatment plant here, a New England covered bridge, trestles, and a crossing shanty.

The enginehouse has the AP&G's usual gaudy red and yellow color scheme, which I applied to Northeastern siding, Grandt Line windows, and Campbell barrels. The roof was made of shingles made of cigar wrappings that I crudely weathered with grimy black. The AP&G's red, blue, and gold wood-burning General sits just outside the door of the enginehouse, and next to the building appears a water-treatment plant painted barn red built following directions in Joe Kunzelmann's article in the Kalmbach volume. A rectangular watertank from a Campbell kit sits next to the taller structure; a decade or so later it was moved to the Glanville Lumber Company engine yards [GPL].

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