I constructed the station from an old cast resin kit of the one at Highland, Illinois, which is outside Chicago. The kit, which I found on eBay, was made by Magnusson Models, though I believe it is now (in 2006) sold under the Scale Structures name. I departed from the instructions in a few ways, using Campbell shingles, for example, instead making my own from the slab of thin cedar that came with the kit. I had shingled roofs that way 20 years ago on my old engine house and decided I liked the Campbell method better. In addition, after following directions and creating the window mullions from the ultra thin strip wood enclosed, I found my that my shaky hands made such a mess of smeared glue on the windows that I started over, found some engine house windows much larger than the opening (so only the mullions showed), and I attached them to plastic glazing with ACC glue and added window shades. I also added a Tichy coalbox, an old Scale Structures bench, and some amazing Preiser figures. Click on images to enlarge them. [GPL].

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