Sandhouse, Coal Storage Shed, and Crane. This combination of a Fine Scale Miniatures sandhouse, coal storage shed, and crane with a scratchbuilt enclosure for the coal derrick, which was always one of my favorite models on the layout, sits on a pice of 1/2-inch plywood 19 inches long x 9 inches wide. The board--by-board coal house enclosure is based on drawings of designs for derrick coal-sheds in Wisconsin and California that appeared in Buildings and Structures of American Railroads, 1893:(part 2) in the Newton K. Gregg's Train Shed Cyclopedia no 13 (1973).

I originally built a low trestle alongside the coal shed, but when I installed the structures on my layout I placed the coal shed adjacent to a track on a raised portion of the layout and no longer needed it.

At the end of December 2016, it moved to Wisconsin. [GPL].

The module seen from the rear.

Looks inside

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