Rural Station

This typical plastic kit, which is one of the first I built, again shows what a few coats of airbrushed and brush-applied paint can do for a model. I've added Preiser figures, some of which I painted, and a few extra details plus some light weathering. It wears the AP&G gaudy red and yellow color scheme

Thanks to E-bay, it has moved across country to a new railroad that its founder and current CEO describes as the "geographically ambitious" Vermont and Yukon Railroad, which encompasses the period from 1880 to 1920, and has rolling stock, its CEO reports, from "CN, CP, CV, WP&Y, some SOO Line, some GT, also Grand Trunk Pacific, Intercolonial, Esquimalt & Nanaimo, and Dominion Atlantic." If I get photos of it in its new setting, I'll post them here [GPL].

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