City Coal

Scenes on the AP&G — The Albion Hi-Line manufacturing district and a few buildings on the wrong side of the tracks..

The Side Track Tap (named after the bar in Garrison Keilor's Prairie Home Companion) sits conveniently next to Ruth's Palace of Pleasure. the ever-popular Bar Mills kit my wife Ruth gave me as a 69th-birthday present. I painted most of the Preiser figures, though the seated couple came painted , and I purchased the wonderful waiter while on a lecturing trip in Bavaria.

The signs on buildings are a combination of those created on my trusty MacBook Pro laptop using either Photoshop or Gimp and thosed created from Clover House's wonderful selection of rub-on lettering. Behind the saloon across the tracks one sees a flat of a burn-out building that was an pretty-much failed experiment at creating a latext rubber mould from a Magnuson building front and making a cast using Bragdon's resin. Next to it sit two buildings — a twin-peaked flat created out of parts from a incorrectly packaged RDA kit; when they failed to make good and send the missing parts after several exchanges of e-mail, I gave up and kitbashed this. The large flat directly behind Ruth's Palace of Pleasure comes from the Walther's Warehouse, which, after I had assembled it, appeared much too large for my layout, so I cut it apart and made three flats from it. I know the source of the signage for Thomas Davis grocery supplies — Clover House — but don't recall that for the building. I suspect it comes from DPM modular parts. The printed paper flat comes a set purchased in the UK three decades ago. [GPL].

Miniature Worlds Scenes on the AP&G