A scene in Pawtuxet yards

The AP&G in the Twentieth Century: A scene in Pawtuxet yards: The Albion, Pawtuxet, & Gallilee Railroad — my mythical 1880s Rhode Island line that connected the textile mills of Albion in the north with Pawtuxet (near Providence), and Galillee, a small fishing town in the south — was set firmly in the late nineteenth century. But when I friend gave me a batch of partially built models from the post-steam era, I had fun painting and decaling cars and locomotives as if the AP&G had lasted to the days of my youth. In this scene we see two AP&G hopper cars, the cab of a diesel switcher, and a bit of a Bangor and Aroostook hopper as well as the interlocking tower I built from a platic kit.

Although I have entitled this a scene in the yards at Pawtuxet, Rhode Island, in fact I built this four-track module to display British locomotives and rolling stock. The scenery was Campbell Scale Models ballast, filtered soil from the garden, and ground foam vegetation, but the background is an ingenious British product in which one pasted a range of forground structures over a perspective-adjusted background. Unfortunately, the module and background were destroyed when a backed-up sewer and a burst furnace flooded our basement when we were out of the country (yes, we had some real problem tenants). [GPL].

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