The P. J. Macktez Woolen Mill

Number 16, an 0-6-0 Camelback that Augustus Melmotte won in a poker game from the president of the Reading railroad, has dropped off one of the AP&G's 4-wheel boxcars at the Macktez Mill's loading doc while the foreman looks on. At the left one can catch sight of the four-wheel bobber and a part of a trussrodd refrigerator car. Thanks to my wife Ruth for doing some Photoshop magic on the background!

I used more than half a dozen plastic Atlas kits to kitbash this major roadside industry, which I named after my late fahter-in-law — his company actually bore the name Loumac Textiles — and wrote an article about it that appeared in the 1977 in Model Railroader. Other views: (a) the entire mill; (b) the mill's office [GPL]

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