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On E. L. Moore

Gerard Pawlowski, President, the Venango & Erie (HO Scale), helpfully wrote on December 20, 2007:

While reading your enjoyable website, I came upon the E. L. Moore Lumber Co, with references to E. L. Moore. You mentioned that he never had a model railroad. This was true for most of his published life, but actually he did have one at one time, in the 1950s, before he determined that he could keep either the railroad or the wife in the small apt. but not both (as he joked in an MR interview).

The small model railroad was called the Eagleroost & Koontree…I think it had another name, too. It was a very charismatic little line, with all the character of his structures, and rail handlaid on balsa ties. I should scan in a picture from one of my old RMC’s of a Mantua General in a fine clump of trees. I’m a big fan of E.L.M. It amazes me that he started writing articles relatively late in life, yet contributed so much.

Great site you have there.

Cordially yours:
Gerard Pawlowski

Thanks, Gerald!

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