Misquamicut Metal Works, Albion. Click on image to enlarge it.

The Metalworks began when Justin Maguire gave me a box of Downtown Deco hydrocal sides for a large roundhouse. The box came without windows or dppors, and the helpful present owner of Downtown Deco didn't have any parts for the structure, so I cobbled together some windows from parts of extra windows from an old Walthers HO warehouse. A scratchbuilt loading dock, loading dock roof, roof structure, sign, and chimney built from brass tube were added next. The front wall of green addition on the right, which has Tichy windows, slants toward the retaining wall behind to fit the roof, which consists of parts of several AHM machine shops left over from my old HO Macktez Mill built 30 years ago.

In the background one sees the HO track with various structures including a building under construction, heavily modified from a Walthers kit.

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