Climax Class A Logging Locomotive

Climax Class A Vertical-Boiler Logging Locomotive. According to a North West Shortline advertisement for this apparently much-delayed model in the January 1976 Model Railroader, this 12-ton locomotive with vertical boiler was manufactured by Climax around 1889. The NWSL ad describes the model in the following detail: "4.0 oz. wt, 4" length, castings by Cal-Scale, patterns by JDL, motor by MAXON (Swiss), made in japan, 26" drivers, all driven, 15"min[imum turning radius]." The model, boasts NWSL, has "better detail, better pulling power and performance" than an earlier release, and it sold for $139.95 in HO or HOn3 As Michael Koch explains,

The Climax locomotives were offered in three classes, referred to in their catalogue as Class A, Class B. and Class C. Class A locomotives ranged from 12- to 22-ton sizes. Class B locomotives lacked the gear-shift feature and ranged in size from 17 to 62 tons. On these the position of the cylinders was hanged to an angle of about 25 tons with the horizontal. This inclination of the cylinder was a chaacteristic of the Class B Climaxes, making them instantly recognizable. Class C locomotives could be had in weights from 70 to 100 tons. [Koch, p. 50 GPL].

Climax Class A Logging Locomotive


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