stripped loco

Kitbashed 0-4-0 Teakettle. This old-time wood-burning logging locomotive began life as a plastic model kit to which I added a coil of hose (to put out fires along the line), a whistle and bell, an engineer, red-painted rerailers, rusted chains, Glanville decals, and a load of wood fuel. I don't recall if I added new steam and sand domes, but I might have done so. Finally, the 0-4-0 was airbrushed and heavily weathered using artist's chalks.

Here you saw it parked over the ashpit with its own hoist (on the far side of the engine). The hoist came from a British white metal kit, probably from Mike's Models.

Other views: (a) view from left side; (b) head-on view; (c) three-quarter front view from the left; (d) detail of cab.

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