The 2-8-0 Consolidation

Left: The museum headquuarters, where a group of volunteers were gathering, as seen from the entrance near the old station. Just as we we leaving we saw a group of men moving an obviously very heavy locomotive siderod into one of the worksheds. Right two: The museum's prize steam locomotive, a former Southern Railroad 2-8-0 Conslidation from the early twentieth century that the museum members have restored externally and painted all nice and shiny. Unfortunately, as one of the museum crew told us, this locomotive is not yet operational: that'll take another $100,000.

Tracks and Switchstands

Left: Looking towards the main part of the museum holdings. The large number of passenger cars do not show in this picture. Middle: A switchstand with a circular green target to show trainmen that the track was safe. We tried to move it but found it locked. Right: Ruth and Philip walk down the track. He decided he wanted to walk to the factory 5 miles down the line, but Ruth persuaded him not to do so.

The Bucyrus Big Hook

Left: The Bucyrus Wreck Crane and its tender. Middle: A rear view. Right: Close-up of the front.

Details of the undercarriage. Note how the large beams that pull out to stabilize the crane are painted white, as are steps, handholds, levers, and the tank next to the boom (for acetylene welding?).

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