Une maison à Beckenham pour A. W. Cree, Esq.. Ernest Newton. Avant 1899. Autres vues: (1) Il plan de foundation (2) une plus grande image.

[In] Mr. Cree's house at Beckenham . . . variety and play in the grouping are attained by wholly simple and unforced means. In effect the plan of this suggests two houses placed together and just touching each other at one corner. A glance at the plan will show the practical advantage thereof. Facing the garden, but with access easily and effectively gained from the old-fashioned forecourt in front, is the house proper, with its fine hall and reception rooms on theground floor. Almost detatched thereform are the servants' quarters, kitchen, pantries, scullery, and so forth, with the servants' bedrooms on the upper storey. — The Studio


The Studio 17 (1899): 163.

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