Professor Landow, I'm done with my project! I decided to do what you suggested and break up the paper into separate but related documents. I think it's a great idea, I wish I could write all my papers like this. This is the order of the documents, althought it really doesn't matter: -Woman at the fin de siecle -Depictions of Judith -Blending of Judith and Salome -Salome: Biblical story -Salome in the fin de siecle imagination -Salome: Wilde and Beardsley -Salome: A woman's point of view -Other decapitations of men in fin de siecle art At any rate, I hope you like it, I certainly enjoyed writing it. If there is anything you would like me to change, please let me know. I'll be going home to Texas on Wednesday morning, but I'll drop by your office tomorrow to return your book. If you're not there, I'll leave it in your box. Thank you for a wonderful semester! Happy holidays!