[These materials on the case of Lt. Kennedy have been adapted, with the permission of the author, from his course website. The author may be contacted at Rob.VanCraenenburg@rug.ac.be. GPL]

J. M. Taylor to Lt. R. C. Kennedy

Commanding H.M.'s 2nd Regiment Light Cavalry,

Camp Neemuch,
17th May, 1860,


With reference to a former correspondence from the Adjudant General's Office of the 22nd of December 1859, with accompaniments and your replies thereto of the 2nd and 23ed of January 1860, I have the honor to forward on the other side true copies of correspondence from the Secretary of State for India, and H.M. Consul at Damascus, and to request your immediate attention, and reply to the same, by order of His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief more particularly on the three allegations of your having embraced, or conformed to, whilst at Damascus, the Mahomedan religion, your having married a Mussulman woman, and the statement imputed to you having at the same time a Mussulman wife in India.--

I have the honor to be, Sir, your most obedient servant,

M. TAYLOR, Major
Commanding H.M's 2nd Regiment Light Cavalry.

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