[These materials on the case of Lt. Kennedy have been adapted, with the permission of the author, from his course website. The author may be contacted at Rob.VanCraenenburg@rug.ac.be. GPL]

Adjudant's General's Office to Lt. R. C. Kennedy

(The particular attention of Officers corresponding direct to Army Headquarters is called to paras. 21 to 50, 52,53,59,63 and 66, Section, Correspondence of the Revised Code of Military Regulations)


Adjudant's General's Office, Head Quarters, Bombay, 18th February, 1860.

The subjoined Extract from a Resolution of Government, dated 11 inst., is forwarded for the information of Lieutenant Kennedy, 2nd Regiment Light Cavalry.

With reference to previous correspondence on the subject,

"His Lordship in Council is glad to receive this perfectly satisfactory contradiction to the statement which appeared in the Overland Mail newspaper.

"As respects Lieutenant Kennedy's conduct in travelling from Suez to Bombay as a deck passenger, disguised in Turkish costume, His Lordship in Council concurs with his Excellency the Commander-in-Chief; the proceeding was indecorous, and this should be intimated to Lieutenant Kennedy".

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