Specimen of Chinese Country Carts. Harper's Weekly (10 December 1859): 789: "As we were thus jolted out of Pei-tang [Province] we looked ahead as far as the eye could reach in a north-westerly direction, and saw nothing by one extended plain of mud, profusely sprinkled with pools of rain-water and conical piles of whitened mud"

The dateline on the story (28 July 1859) suggests that the text and illustrations concerning the visit of the United States ambassador John E. Ward, a Georgia native, and his party to the Chinese imperial capital took some months. "Ours is the third party speaking English that has ever visited this place" (788), the others being British embassies headed by Lord Macartney (1795) and Lord Amherst (1816). [PVA].

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"Mr. Ward at Pekin." Harper's Weekly (10 December 1859): 788-791.

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