Eunice and Ron Shanahan have shared with readers of the Victorian Web this material from their website, Letters from the Past.

This letter was written by John Lamb Hare dated 11/2/39 17 Trafalgar Street Walworth (London), addressed to : Mr. J Blampin, Lympstone, Near Exeter, Devon.

Postal Markings

  1. a two step framed TP Mount St Lbth in black - this is Lambeth, which was in the Town lists of 1794, 1828, 1837, 1838 and 1839.
  2. Handstruck 3 charge mark but cancelled with
  3. the 'spring' in red. This 3 was cancelled by the inspector, but why it was applied at all is a mystery. The 3d handstamps were supplied to the Twopenny Post offices in the Country area, to be applied to letters passing to or from the country area, and Lambeth was never in the Country area, always in the Town area.
  4. Manuscript 11 - distance London to Lympstone 171 miles to Exeter distance 170-230 was 11d during the period 1812-1839.

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