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Mother Comforting Child by Louisa Anne Beresford, Marchioness of Waterford (1818–1891). Drawing in pen and ink, sepia and pencil. Described by the Victoria and Albert Museum as: "One of 184 studies, mostly of Biblical or emblematical subjects, for paintings, frescoes, portraits and landscapes ... mounted in a volume containing 125 pages, half-bound in leather, lettered on the spine 'Scrap Book.'"

The delightful touch here is the child's interest in the observer. While the mother is focused entirely on the child, the little girl, still rubbing one eye with her knuckle, looks away from her towards the front. She is not so upset that she forgets to be curious! The composition as usual is very natural, and even the garments are full of life. Many thanks to the Victoria and Albert Museum for allowing me to photograph this item. — Jacqueline Banerjee


"Scrap Book." Bequeathed by Miss M. A. V. Cochran, cousin and god-daughter of the Artist, through the National Art-Collections Fund. Ref. no. E.1615-1798-1966. Prints and Drawings Room of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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