Finished Drawings

Studies and Preparatory Sketches

  • And the Sea gave up the dead which were in it
  • The Arts of Peace and War
  • The Bath of Venus
  • Captive Andromache.
  • Classical Frieze Study (Wedding Feast of Pelleias and Thetis)
  • David
  • Flaming June
  • Perseus and Andromeda
  • Salome Dancing
  • Solitude
  • Illustrations for George Eliot's Romala

  • The Arts of Industry as Applied to War (mural)
  • The Daphnephoria
  • Cymon and Iphiginia
  • The Dance (Decorative frieze)
  • Daphenphoria
  • Elijah
  • Music (painted frieze)
  • Lieder ohne Worte
  • Miscellaneous
  • Resources outside the Victoran Web

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